* Non-Recourse Same Day Funding

 * 24-7 Online Account Access

 * Fuel Discounts

 * Fuel Cards

 * Credit Checks on Brokers

 * 5k – 500K 


 * We Factor Owner / Operators, Sole Proprietors, Local, Long Distance, Specialized, Intermodal – All Types – All Sizes

 * Non Recourse * No Long Term Contracts * No Minimums * Fast Turnaround from Application to Funding

* up to 97%  Funding

** additional information may be required **



* FreightCheck®  – Option 2 is specifically designed for 1 to 4 Trucks.  

* Our freight bill factoring service is friendly, fast and flexible! FreightCheck® handles all invoicing, processing and collections for your account, so you can focus on finding your next load instead of finding your next payment!  

* All the agreements you will need to sign are contained in the final application package and may be signed electronically. * Non-Recourse ** You must first fill out the VMA4 Factoring Application from the link below and return it – have an answer within hours!

* Fast Funding – Flexible Terms – NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS 

* Flat-Rate Factoring Fee or 3% of the gross


** additional information may be required **



Recourse Funding – Small business short term loans – used to finance the purchase of additional equipment or expansion of the business (asset based).

For more information on Recourse Funding please fill out the Request a Quote form below. A ” Funding Specialist ” will contact you to discuss all options.




Contact VMA4 for a no-obligation quote for the service that best fits your particular situation



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